The Usual Low Ebbs

Feeling really tired today, and I haven’t even done anything yet.  I suppose two straight days of six-hour slumber will do that to me, when I should actually be sleeping straight to five in the afternoon.  Instead, I keep waking up at around noontime, or sometime during two.  That’s not good, and at this rate, my body might just decide to go to sleep for ten hours and more, and conveniently ignore the alarms I set.  Ugh.

As for work, we had free food again last night, from KFC again, though this time it’s not a whole chicken meal but… nuggets, I suppose.  Interesting attempt at keeping up morale for the US tax season, though all it’s doing is adding inches to our waistlines, ahaha.

Still no follow-up on the PLDT issue, though at this point I’ve about given up on any kind of meaningful intervention from technical support.  Even my patience has my limits, and frankly I’m wondering if I should just look up a way of reconfiguring the LAN network I currently have so that it can detect the laptops via router again.


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