That Done, Moving On To Other Issues

So after all this time, it turned out that what I had for all of three days wasn’t a router at all, but a switch.  Glad I was able to clear that out thanks to Larethian over at the Animesuki forum, and I was able to turn around and return the hub/switch during the 3-day return period.  However, since they couldn’t reimburse me with cash, instead they gave me a replacement — an actual D-Link router, which had both wireless and wired capabilities.

So all this means that the desktop can continue browsing the internet, at the same time the laptops and wireless-capable devices we have at home no longer have to be tethered to cables, and we can also use the tablets we have as well.  Neat.

However, the router has to sit in a relatively open area in my room… which will be a problem especially since the baby is staying over for the weekend. Best keep him busy and occupied I guess, but on the bright side, the house having a wireless connection means that my sister can work at home again.  More people to watch over the baby!

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls, Maria the Virgin Witch.


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