Waiting For The Week To Be Done For A Change

For the first time in a while, I’m going to be so glad that the weekend has come.  Not getting enough sleep, then being forced to go to work half-awake is never a nice experience.  Especially in the account I’m in, where the gaps in between calls can go beyond fifteen minutes, making it extreeeeeeemely tempting to grab a quick nap…

Seeing as my father’s been able to connect to Skype this morning, there’s less grousing about our internet woes over the week.  Personally I’m finding it strange that I’m even able to use my tablet, though I suppose being able to update its apps now is an added bonus.  Too bad there’s no space in my tablet’s memory for games… 

Looks like my sister isn’t going to be able to make it for the weekend, as she wasn’t able to get permission to work at home.  Oh well, she still owes me for this, and I’m looking forward to asking her for half of the cost for the router.


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