Don’t Bother The Sleeper, Bites And Rants When Disturbed

It just shows how much of a terrible person I am when my sleep is interrupted when, during the early afternoon, I more or less chased off a PLDT technician who had just so happened to drop by to follow up on the issue we had with the house’s LAN connection (which at this point was fixed through our newly-purchased router).  It was rude and unbecoming, and once I had woken up hours later, my nastiness to the poor guy (who had probably gone out of his way, on a weekend, to see about our issue) caught up to me.  

And honestly, I’m not really sure how I can make up for it.

In the back of my mind, I was probably thinking about the router, which PLDT takes a dim view of in general, but even so, it was no reason to have acted like an angry little kid (and a half-awake one at that).  Ugh.

I suppose I’ll just be nice and quiet, for now.  Until the next issue with PLDT crops up, that is.

Anime Watched: Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls, Aldnoah Zero, Shirobako.


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