Simply Unsure

It turns out that my sister had experience setting up G-Shock watches, as my brother-in-law wore one, so my father and I had her take a look at ours.  She finished both in less than ten minutes, which is really impressive.

Nothing much happened today, and in the end I was the one who escorted my sister, the baby, and his minder, to the MRT station.  I carried my nephew half of the way, but alternated that with having him walk because, frankly, he was getting as heavy as a sack of rice.

For my afternoon, I used some of the money my sister gave me for her part in buying the router, and used that to have my hair cut and, I hate to say, have a massage.  And boy, did the latter feel good, especially during the backrub and hand massage portion.  Got a lot of stiffness built up over the week that needed ironing out, for sure.

As for tomorrow, well we’re not going out to replenish the larder yet, and will have to see what could be used for my viand.  At worst, we’ll just have to do the shopping on Tuesday (that, or I’ll just have to slip my father some money and have him do the buying at the wet market).

Anime Watched: Aldnoah Zero, Koufuku Graffiti, Rolling Girls, Dog Days S3. 


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