Start-Of-The-Week Whoopsies

Mondays always mean schedule readjustments for me, which meant that I was not surprised in the least that I woke up early today.  I had gone to bed at a sensible time after all (ten in the evening, or thereabouts), though this means that I’m going to be off-balanced for my shift in the evening, as this means that my body is still “set” like a normal person…  Though I tried to go to bed before noon, the cool weather (cloudy skies plus good breezes) made it hard to grab some constant shut-eye.  Which is funny, as normally such weather would drop me into la-la land rather quickly.

In any case, it’s very likely that I’m going to need heapings of caffeine to prop my body into “work mode”, but it’s going to be very ugly for a while.  Buh.

By the way, it’s my nephew’s second birthday in two days.  How time flies.  The plan is my father will head to my sister’s house with a kilo’s barbecue skewers from the market, so I suppose I’ll join him (and maybe get some sleep there while I’m at it).  I’ll also use the opportunity to buy some viand fodder, as we’ve about run out of stuff that I could use for my packed lunch (unless you discount the large amount of spaghetti we’ve had sitting in the fridge, ready to be prepared).  Ugh, my savings will feel that, for sure.  Payday can’t come too soon, I say.

Speaking of which, I’m still wondering whether they’ll disburse our pay at the end of the week, or on Monday instead.  I really hope that it’s at the end of the week, though… Which reminds me, I have to have my BDO online account unlocked, if I want to use my payroll account to pay for my retirement’s premium this month. Hmm.

Anime Watched: Maria the Virgin Witch, Yoru no Yatterman, Koufuku Graffiti (slowly catching up on this one).


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