Big Day For The Little Guy

It’s the birthday of my nephew tomorrow, which means that I’m meeting up with my father tomorrow for a quick visit to the wet market, to buy the pork barbecue for our little get-together, as well as to refill our fridge’s larder, so to speak.  It kind of says a lot that I’m forced to have fried eggplant for my packed lunch tonight, so it is a bit of a concern, ahaha.

We won’t head straight for Quezon City though, as we’ll go back to the house and wait there until around ten before leaving (with the barbecue with us of course).

That aside, I was able to both call BDO and Metrobankcard online for the issues I have with both.  For the former, it was getting my account unlocked, which apparently required my phone information to be changed due to the fact that, for some reason, it wasn’t coded locally (hence why I wasn’t able to receive the OTP code I needed to unlock the account on my own).  Gonna take two days for the update to take though, so I guess I have to wait.

As for the latter, I was bounced around a bit, before finally landing somehow in the Collections department.  I forwarded the email I had previously sent to CS to them, and was told to wait for updates.  Hopefully there isn’t a lot of red tape involved, as my sister and I really need to contest those charges to my father’s credit card.

Not really much thought to my shift tonight, except hope that it’s somewhat slow, especially as we’re apparently going to be put on the Operator queue by the second half of the work week.  Ugh.  Goodbye long avail times, I suppose.


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