Less Of A Birthday Party, More Like A Quick Family Visit

There was a slight change in plan, as I was so sleepy by the time I got off work that there was just no way I was going to be able to go to the wet market without stumbling around like a drunkard.  So instead I withdrew about six hundred pesos from my ATM, and once I got back home I handed it off to my father.  With that done, I changed out of my used clothes, and jumped into bed to sleep, with the promise that I’ll head straight to my sister’s house once I woke up.

Which was more or less what I did.  Once I woke up around eleven or so, I took a bath, got changed, then off I went to Quezon City.  Despite all this, I still arrived at my sister’s house close to one-thirty.  Hmph.  Anyway, the family had a little video conference with my mom once everyone was there, though for the most part it was just my sister holding up her phone pointing its camera in the direction of the baby, for nanay’s benefit.

When my brother-in-law arrived, the cooking finally began (as aside from the barbecue, none of the food for the party was even prepared yet).  My sister told me to try and get some shuteye while she and her hubby tended to the food, but try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep; it’s probably due to the fact that I got waaaay used to sleeping with three different types of pillows with me, including a fat and chubby hug pillow.

Having failed that, I joined my father on the front yard and watched the baby as he played around on the (what looked newly-assembled) slide and swing set.  Too bad the little tot wasn’t interested in actually sitting on the swing chair, and instead was more keen on pushing it back and forth.  My father indulged him though, while yours truly took candid photos, particularly of when the baby slid down the slide chest first rather than with his tush…

Since I had work later in the evening, I went ahead and ate first of whatever was already done (in this case, breaded deep-friend chicken and barbecue plus cola).  Properly stuffed, I excused myself once the party proper started, as I needed to get back here at home to get prepared for work.  Tatay would take care of bringing home the food, in any case.

I left my sister’s house at around five-thirty, and arrived here at home at seven.  I’ll be heading out in a bit after finishing this entry, of course.


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