Many Detours Before Home

I didn’t go straight home after yesterday’s shift, as I had a scheduled general assembly to attend immediately afterward.  So I took my things from my locker, then headed up to the tenth floor with some of the other people from account.  We waited for a bit at the lobby, but when we saw people coming out of the boardroom I figured that it was our turn next (due to the differing schedules, people were briefed in segments it seemed, with our group being the third in line).  Nothing too fancy though, just a rundown by one of the account managers of what to expect during the following months.

After that was done, I still didn’t go home, and instead shuffled down to the rest area in the seventh floor, where I found some shuteye for two hours.  I had to meet the plan manager of my Sunlife retirement plan at around nine in the morning after all, and I figured that it would be more convenient to just wait (technically sleep) it out rather than just go home, then come back to Makati for it.

It was surprisingly restful, though I suppose it was helped by the fact that I had my earphones on for the duration of that two-hour nap.  However when my phone’s alarm started ringing, it was my signal to head out to the Sunlife office just beside Ayala Triangle.

I met my plan manager, signed the requisite release form, and with the plan documents in hand I finally headed home.  Whew.  Despite the nap I had at the office, I was still more than relieved to hit the sack when I finally got to my room.

P.S. My postal ID finally arrived today, so I suppose I can head back to the old office and get my severance check, yeah?


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