Goodbye, Carefree Days

That was certainly the impression I got from my teammates, once our crash-course through the functions of the Operator Queue was done and we had to return to our stations.  We pretty much said goodbye to those long avail times, as the operator queue never really let up from the moment we sat down and started taking calls again.  Seriously, I had more operator calls than transaction calls, which says a lot about what we had to experience.

The queue didn’t let up until close to the end of the shift, and even then our “free time”, as it were, barely lasted three minutes before another call came in.  Needless to say, I was so relieved that the shift ended.

Except that was only half of the shift.  Today we’ll be experiencing the Operator Queue for the whole shift.  Oi.

Which brought me to yet another concern.  Y’see I normally wear two necklaces, one of which carried the gold three rings (all gifts from nanay) that I couldn’t wear openly.  Now, yesterday, when I left the seventh floor resting area (remember, I had stayed at the office to sleep because I had to meet my Sunlife plan manager later in the day), the necklace apparently snapped; I had only noticed it by the time I was on the elevator down, and by then the necklace itself and two of the rings had slipped through my shirt and unto the floor.

As for the third, there was no sign.  I realize in hindsight I should have stopped right there and retraced my steps, but by the end of the shift it was far too late for that, so the only thing I could do is to inform Facilities about it, and hope that, maybe, someone would turn it in.  Filipinos being Filipinos, it’s kind of wishful thinking, but still…

I figure that since I have a second valid ID now, I can drop by my previous employer to see if I can get that severance check that I’d been waiting so long for, but that means I’ll have to be there by six again.  Ugh.  I’ll be more civil this time, I swear.

Oh, and it might be payday today.  I hope.  Because it would be terribly awkward if they gave out our pay on Monday instead.


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