Took That Long To Recover

My word, last night’s shift was… a trial to say the least.  I think it’s the shift with the most calls of any of us to day, with myself taking in a grand total of 78 calls.  Seriously, whoever thought that adding the Operator queue to our duties should be taken out of the company’s back door, then kicked out.  It was a good thing I pre-emptively bought a liter of Cola and brought it in with me before I logged into my station… Because, really, we didn’t really have chances to even get up from our seats at times. 

That aside, I’ve finally managed to get my severance pay.  It’s not really much for a check, something like twenty-one thousand worth, which is tiny when you recall that I spent four years at the company, but eh, it’s money in the bank.  Add to that the fact that it was also our payday (and indeed, I was able to withdraw my pay at the BDO ATM located at the ground floor of my old place of work), meant that I’m sitting on quite a substantial bit of money.  

Now I need to keep it untouched for the weekend, then deposit it into my savings account on Monday.  Well, after I cash that check of course (from a specific bank close to Buendia, ugh).

Anime Watched: Magimoji Rurumo (episode 11), Log Horizon S2, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls.


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