Money In The Bank, And It Feels Fine

Just as planned, I woke up early in the day to both deposit my salary, and then cash the severance check that I got last week from my previous employer.  Both went off without a hitch, with the former resolved by visiting the Metrobank branch in our neighborhood (where I had an account in), though the latter took some doing, as it required a trip to Makati to the Citibank building (which was just off Ayala Triangle).  

I went up to the second floor, where apparently corporate checks were encashed, provided the necessary identification (my Postal ID and Passport), and with a final signature I received my twenty-one thousand-odd renumeration.  So much trouble for so little… Anyway, at that I walked back Glorietta, passed by the Mercury Drug there to buy some Advil (for the swelling on my foot), and then to the Ayala MRT station (feeling nervous due to the money I was carrying), and headed home, but not before depositing the amount at the bank, again.  Whew.

Didn’t get much sleep once I got home though.  This, despite the nice and somewhat cool breeze blowing into my room.  I guess my swollen toe had something to do with it.  Looks like I’m really going to have to ease up on the pork, lest this become a recurring annoyance, ugh.

Kind of bracing myself for the shift tonight.  If it’s anything like Friday, then there’s going to be enough to go around (and likely no standing up again unless it was to run to the toilet).


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