How Not To Start A Workweek

Yesterday was every bit as stressful as I feared, and this was made worse by the fact that two of the teammates that should have been with me during the start of the shift… weren’t.  Add to this the lack of any TL at hand, and suffice to say the early shift was disastrous.  Add to this the fact that I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d have liked, and I wasn’t able to focus on the calls as I should have.  Ugh, it was ugly, for sure, and I was given more than a few reprimands when my boss finally did arrive (and listened in to my calls).  My stats for March more or less tanked, for sure.

I’m kind of hoping to avoid the same kind of disaster tonight, thank you very much.

As for today, wow, it suddenly turned warm all of the sudden.  I suppose Summer really is here now… except we’re expecting rain over here in the Philippines over the weekend.  A rainy and wet end to the Holy Week?  News to me, especially since, for some reason, we have no water…  

That said, no MRT on Thursday and Friday will make the trip to the office more difficult than it usually is, so I should think about heading over there earlier than usual.


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