Big Day For The Little Guy

It's the birthday of my nephew tomorrow, which means that I'm meeting up with my father tomorrow for a quick visit to the wet market, to buy the pork barbecue for our little get-together, as well as to refill our fridge's larder, so to speak.  It kind of says a lot that I'm forced to … Continue reading Big Day For The Little Guy


Start-Of-The-Week Whoopsies

Mondays always mean schedule readjustments for me, which meant that I was not surprised in the least that I woke up early today.  I had gone to bed at a sensible time after all (ten in the evening, or thereabouts), though this means that I'm going to be off-balanced for my shift in the evening, … Continue reading Start-Of-The-Week Whoopsies

Simply Unsure

It turns out that my sister had experience setting up G-Shock watches, as my brother-in-law wore one, so my father and I had her take a look at ours.  She finished both in less than ten minutes, which is really impressive. Nothing much happened today, and in the end I was the one who escorted … Continue reading Simply Unsure

Don’t Bother The Sleeper, Bites And Rants When Disturbed

It just shows how much of a terrible person I am when my sleep is interrupted when, during the early afternoon, I more or less chased off a PLDT technician who had just so happened to drop by to follow up on the issue we had with the house's LAN connection (which at this point was … Continue reading Don’t Bother The Sleeper, Bites And Rants When Disturbed

Waiting For The Week To Be Done For A Change

For the first time in a while, I'm going to be so glad that the weekend has come.  Not getting enough sleep, then being forced to go to work half-awake is never a nice experience.  Especially in the account I'm in, where the gaps in between calls can go beyond fifteen minutes, making it extreeeeeeemely tempting to … Continue reading Waiting For The Week To Be Done For A Change

That Done, Moving On To Other Issues

So after all this time, it turned out that what I had for all of three days wasn't a router at all, but a switch.  Glad I was able to clear that out thanks to Larethian over at the Animesuki forum, and I was able to turn around and return the hub/switch during the 3-day … Continue reading That Done, Moving On To Other Issues

The Usual Low Ebbs

Feeling really tired today, and I haven't even done anything yet.  I suppose two straight days of six-hour slumber will do that to me, when I should actually be sleeping straight to five in the afternoon.  Instead, I keep waking up at around noontime, or sometime during two.  That's not good, and at this rate, … Continue reading The Usual Low Ebbs