Dealing With Those Changes

It was kind of expected, but we got our pay last night, which meant that it was a quick detour for me to the closest Metrobank ATM before heading to the office.  Which was just as well, since I knew that the BDO ATM inside Sykes would have people lined up on it anyway (and besides, … Continue reading Dealing With Those Changes

The Usual Event Madness

It's not surprising that the first thing I did once I got home after I got changed and took care of washing my packed lunch's container, was to dive headlong into the Spring 2015 Kantai Collection event. Suffice to say, that despite playing on Hard mode, I cleared phase 1 to 3 in one sitting. … Continue reading The Usual Event Madness

Event Maintenance Day, or, Come At Me Kadokawa

The highlight of the day of course being the start of the Summer 2015 Kantai Collection event.  I ran what expeditions I could before the servers went down for maintenance, though I'm as I'd ever be for the event, I suppose. Day at work was pretty mundane, though we were given some word on the … Continue reading Event Maintenance Day, or, Come At Me Kadokawa

And The Usual Weekly Wishes

I think I was able to sleep really well today, which hopefully means that I won't have to resort to more caffeine than usual when I get to the office later on.  Nothing much to say though aside from that, since I spent the rest of the morning doing the usual daily and weekly quests … Continue reading And The Usual Weekly Wishes

Made Up For Yesterday’s Scheduling Mess

Sibling's movie night: take two.  We left home after a quick dinner, and were at MOA before 7:30 pm.  I treated my sister to some Starbucks (she got a Java chip grande frap, while I took a venti Coffee Jelly), before we headed off to the Director's Room cinema.  Turns out they ALSO had lazyboys … Continue reading Made Up For Yesterday’s Scheduling Mess

Movienight Backfires

My sister managed to reserve two tickets for the Director's Club over at SM Mall of Asia, so the two of us headed out tonight for a rare movie night for us siblings.  And the movie was Avengers: Age of Ultron too! How cool was that?  And then, just as the small theater opened up for … Continue reading Movienight Backfires

That Awaited Weekend

Last night's shift was definitely of the relaxed type, though it could have ended better.  Instead it ended up with a doozy of a call, and while it wasn't an escalation, was complex enough that I had to ask chat up one of the coaches (Sandra) just as she was about to go home, just … Continue reading That Awaited Weekend