Given That Needed Breather

In the end, I wasn’t able to eat that kippered fish that my father prepared for me for my packed lunch last night, as the account had some free food set up for us again at around one in the morning.  It was Jollibee spaghetti this time, and while it seems like a minor thing, it’s been a while since yours truly’s been able to actually order spaghetti at Jollibee, so I appreciated it at the very least.

As for the shift at work, for the first six-odd hours it was more of the same, meaning we could barely even get up from our seats due to the deluge of calls from the Operator queue.  Then, within an hour or so before the shift ended, we were taken off of it, to our immense relief.  Of course, this meant that because of the avail times it started getting noisy in our team again (due to the conversations being started), but that’s just how it was with my teammates.  Buh.

We had a team breakfast after the shift at Heaven and Egg, which meant that I had to wait something like two hours for the rest of the team instead of heading home.  The order I got was quite heavy — the “English Breakfast” meal, which was composed of two pancakes, two big slices of bacon, a piece of European-style sausage, fried potato slices, and toasted buns.  Ridiculously heavy, and at the end of it I stagged my way home as a result, so full I was.  So much for Holy Fasting, there…

I managed to get home of course, but needless to say I won’t be eating lunch nor any heavy dinner anytime soon.

Have to head to work early, as the final MRT trip will be at 8 PM.  Hopefully there’s running water for a bath too…


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