Turn Two Thursday

With the last MRT train leaving at eight in the evening, it was no surprise that I made sure that I was at the MRT station at around seven.  Managed to grab a ride, though this meant that since I arrived at the office early, I had to find a way to kill the time… which I did, through watching a documentary on the Supermarine Spitfire on one of the PCs in the pantry.

The shift itself was really nice, especially after all those nights on the Operator queue.  The calls came in once again in a relaxed pace, meaning that there were good-sized avails in between the calls.  This meant that, yeah, everyone was relaxed and not on the edge for a change.  That means that there isn’t that much to talk about though, but I suppose that’s just as well.

Rode a bus straight home, and it was a relatively smooth ride, especially since the number of vehicles on the road got reduced by half due to Holy Week.

As for tonight, well, it looks like a bus ride to Makati again.  Hopefully there’d be enough buses on the road though…

Anime Watched: Coffin Princess Chaika OVA.


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