Good Moving, Good Going

It’s Good Friday, but despite it being a Holy Day, I’m more relieved that it represents the fact that the work weeks is nearly done.  Nothing much happened at work of course, though I did have to head out early last night, and very likely tonight as well.  Mmph.

Aside from that, it was actually pretty warm today, so it’s not that surprising that I woke up early this afternoon and never was able to go back to sleep because of that.  Oh well, at least I was able to catch up on some Kancolle, and with the seasonal event looming, I’m going to definitely have to start stockpiling in earnest.

While I lazed about the house, my father left during the early afternoon for a bisita iglesia.  It took him more than three hours, but when he came back at around six in the evening, he had completed the minimum circuit of churches required for the bisita.

In any case, I better get prepared.  Also, note to myself — try to buy something other than waffles for later. Five 200-calorie pieces consumed over the course of a shift leave me feeling very bloated.


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