All Those Changes To Look Forward To

Our shift was pretty mundane last night, though as the title of this post suggests, our team lead sat us down and reminded us that we shouldn’t get too complacent this close to the end of the US tax season.  Not only is there the service training after this, there are a lot of other changes in the works, particularly with regards to the metrics.  While some of them make sense, others — like the sudden addition of AHT, in a line of business where you have to take time to solve a caller’s requests — don’t.  Will just have to see, I suppose.

I had a strange hankering for both cheese and ham last night, but rather than actual hunger, I was far interested in what would it take to make home-made cheese and ham.  It turns out, things aren’t so simple — the cheese obviously, but even having brined ham seemed to be out of reach too, as apparently we didn’t have any container at home big enough for brining.  Drat.  Nevermind of course that the heat and humidity wouldn’t be good for the usual salted-then-dried traditional ham anyway…  Oh well.


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