Just Close Enough To The Weekend

I was pleasantly surprised to find my sister and her son at home once I got back from the office.  This, despite her insistence that she sent a text message beforehand (I checked my cellphone, and there was no such message).  Add to this the fact that my uncle also was there (back again in the country, since his company sold the ship he was on duty on), it made for a rather lively house… Which unfortunately I didn’t need, as I really wanted to sleep, but with the baby running around, it made it difficult to say the least.

So, my sleep this afternoon was anything but uninterrupted, though somehow I’m not cranky… yet.  I’m worried that all that pent-up crankiness would just explode at work, which would be very bad, to say the least.  And after that bit of misinformation last night, ugh, let’s just say that I seriously hope that those calls never get pulled up.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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