All I Can Say Is, Finally

While the work week wasn’t as stressful as I expected, I’m relieved that I managed to make it to the weekend without incident all the same.  Just one more shift, so yeah, going to try to not screw up this time.

Oh, and I did manage to go out and get myself some Ricotta yesterday, as I dropped by SM before I headed to the office.  Creamy, extremely mild flavor, for sure.  It wasn’t even sour, though I suppose that made sense since ricotta was made out of the excess whey left over from making other cheeses.

Was worried when my toe started to sting last night.  At this point I’m thinking that the swelling, when it triggers, is caused by a combination of stuff that I eat, rather from just a single source.  Good thing that it went away once I got home and had some rest.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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