Little Bits Of Effort

I woke up extremely early today, despite it not being my intent.  It was early enough that the sun wasn’t even up.  Unfortunately I was hungry, and the leftovers from the previous evening weren’t exactly enticing, so… I decided to sneak out, with my wallet in hand, to buy some take-out, both for myself, and for my sister and the baby as they’d be going back home to Quezon City.

Of course, I had to run into some… difficulties.  For some reason, the majority of the ATMs around the neighborhood were closed, so I spent quite a bit of time running from one to another, until I finally found a BPI ATM that was open.  With that solved, it was off to the local McDonalds, which was closer to the ATM.  Except said McDonalds din’t have anything but their breakfast selection ready.

This forced me to do some more walking, until I arrived at the 24-hour Jollibee in our area.  I ordered myself a longgsilog meal, as well as two Yum Jolly-meals for take out, the latter of which had the fries and cola upsized.  I sat myself down, and finished the breakfast meal while I waited for the take-out, which eventually arrived in good order.

I didn’t tarry too long after that, and headed off home with the takeout in hand.  When I got home, I found my father busying himself with coffee and, as I went upstairs to my sister’s room, found my sister half-awake while the baby was rousing himself up from sleep.  Suffice to say, they were surprised at what I had brought for them, but the baby appreciated the fries apparently.

As for me, I took my share to my room, and started on the usual Kantai Collection-related morning rituals.  Once I got that out of the way, I also scrubbed and swept my room, then went back to watching some of the anime I had downloaded over the evening.

I didn’t have to see my sister and the baby off, and by that point I was pretty sleepy anyway, so I turned in for a late-morning nap… that continued well into the early afternoon, interrupted only when I was roused by how god-awfully hot it was by that point.

As for my plans for the rest of the evening, well, more anime I suppose, though this time from previous seasons.

Anime Watched: Nisekoi S2.

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