Just Have To Keep It In There

I have to admit, I found the fact that I went to bed rather early in the morning helpful in this case, as I had to reacquaint myself with my “work” schedule anyway.  That said, wouldn’t you know it, the moment I got up to relieve myself in the toilet, my father almost got me to do the laundry (for the bedsheets and pillow sheets).  Really now.

Needless to say, I hopped back into bed, and made myself as scarce as possible (after making sure to finish some of the usual Kancolle quests for the week, of course).  My sleep was then somewhat uninterrupted, but I eventually woke up during the early afternoon because, as usual, it was bloody warm in my room.

Since I was awake anyway, I made sure to use up the rest of the afternoon catching up on the stuff I wasn’t able to do on the weekend (and there were a lot).  Then, obviously, it’ll be off to work again.

Anime Watched: Hello! Kin’iro Mosaic, Blood Blockade Battlefront.


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