So Now What, After It’s Over

So, with yesterday’s shift over, we’ve survived the last spurt of the US tax season.  Not that we can relax any, what with Service training on the horizon, as well as something similar in October, but at the very least things might quiet down a bit as far as calls go.

Speaking of the end of tax season, I suppose that means that the free food that we received last night (not fast food take-out for a change, but Filipino-style food, which is no surprising I quickly grabbed a container of kare-kare when I had the chance) will be the last.  Oh well.  On the bright side, because of it, I think I’ve narrowed down the cause of my toe swelling: pork.  This is because my packed lunch was also pork, and add to this the pork kare-kare, then suffice to say when I woke up this afternoon my toe was feeling the swelling again.

The baby didn’t drop by this afternoon, so while I was disappointed, I was able to sleep soundly for a while.  Until the temperature started heating up, of course, at which point I got up, turned on the a/c for three hours, then went back to sleep.

Interested in seeing what’s going to be next up as far as our LOB is concerned.  Service training is a given, but there’s also the change in metrics to look forward to, or at the very least, adjust to.

Anime Watched: Sidonia no Kishi S2.


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