Back To The Same Backbreaking Labor

Well, not really backbreaking, but it does feel like we’re back to the usual level of calls per night.  At least, that’s what I felt.  That said, it’s just the usual mix of good and bad calls (and I ended my shift with a particularly bad one, ugh).

I arrived home to find that my sister and the baby were already there, though as usual my sister was down for the count, leaving my father to watch over his grandson solo.  I didn’t linger either, as I was dead on my feet as usual, so I hit the sack as soon I was able.

I eventually woke up early in the afternoon, because of the heat again, so I turned up the a/c and then tried to recoup some sleep.  My sister and the baby came in sometime during this to cool off, but I didn’t mind as much.

Here’s to topping off the week well, so I can go and enjoy the weekend already.


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