Back To The Usual Things

Boy, was it uncomfortably warm today.  That was my primary observation, after I woke up early and started mucking about the house.  Oh, it was somewhat cool at first, but it started to become progressively warmer until, at around ten or so in the morning, it felt like high noon already.  Which was bad, as I was out at that point having a Western Union transfer done.  Buh.

I had my hair trimmed afterward, and while it didn’t help much with the heat, at least it helped prevent my ‘do from turning angular on me.

Needless to say that I was sweating badly once I got home, so I decided to just take a bath and be done with it.  I turned on the a/c in my room before I went down though, so that it’d be hopefully cool enough to sleep in once I was done.

I took my time in the bath, though once I was done I quickly dried myself off and got changed.  The it was off to my room to sleep.  The room was cool enough by that point, though maybe because it was so cool I had some difficulty getting comfortable enough to sleep.  Eventually did, but man, I don’t want to think of the electric bill after all of this is said and done.

Anime Watched: Re-Kan.


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