Yet Another Warm Day Of Days

Our supervisor wasn’t on duty during last night’s shift, so aside from our team’s senior rep we had to survive more or less without someone to answer our on-call questions.  It was funny, in a way, since we’re supposed to be already used to this by now.  Then again, it’s been barely a month and a half since we went “live”, so…

Since there were two of the team who were out last night, there were relatively more calls for those left on duty to answer.  I have a feeling that I answered close to thirty calls myself, though there’s no real way of knowing until our boss collates the call data, and releases the findings before tonight’s shift.

I got home somewhat early, but not early enough to catch my father at home, as he had apparently already left for his usual morning walks.  As for me, I didn’t go to sleep right away, and more or less faffed around the house until ten in the morning, at which time tatay was already back.  I went (or at least, tried) to go to sleep at that point, but I wasn’t able to do so until well past noontime, since I kept on sneezing due to the a/c.  I really need to clean out its filter when I can.

In any case, here’s to a somewhat more “normal” shift at work tonight.


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