Nothing, And Everything

I’m kind of faced with a quandry right now — to help someone who’ve I’ve already given to recently, but who’s is in sudden need again.  Helping with the rent is one thing, but suddenly losing their wallet, and this close to their pay (which is admittedly late), is just way too convenient.

Oh well, pusong mamon I suppose.  I’ll just have to see what I can send again to help, but I’m going to have to draw a line here.  It’s just so easy to abuse something like this. Buh.

That aside, the work week has been okay so far.  Compared to last night, the calls were much more spread out, and heck, I was even able to doze at my station for a change.  The wonders of wearing a jacket with a hoodie (which could be pulled down to block out the glare from the ceiling lights) can do for resting at one’s cubicle!

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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