That Awaited Weekend

Last night’s shift was definitely of the relaxed type, though it could have ended better.  Instead it ended up with a doozy of a call, and while it wasn’t an escalation, was complex enough that I had to ask chat up one of the coaches (Sandra) just as she was about to go home, just to help me get anywhere.  And I ended up staying some fifteen minutes after the end of my shift as a result. Buh.

I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend though, but this means that I’ll have to keep on my toes for tonight’s shift.  Hopefully it won’t be busy, but you never know with a Friday…

Oh, and I almost, almost went to bed without having to use the a/c.  Managed to doze for an hour or so after I took a bath, but the heat woke me up eventually, so I had to turn on the a/c just to get enough sleep.  Buh.


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