And The Usual Weekly Wishes

I think I was able to sleep really well today, which hopefully means that I won’t have to resort to more caffeine than usual when I get to the office later on.  Nothing much to say though aside from that, since I spent the rest of the morning doing the usual daily and weekly quests on Kantai Collection before I sleep, with the added caveat that the Summer 2015 event will start tomorrow.  So that means resource-running and whatnot.

Oh, and I did the laundry, at least, what was still in the pile from yesterday.  It was still enough to fill a good-sized basin, which was why I kept on looking at my father in disbelief at his comment that there were only “a few” bits of clothing to wash.

On other parts of the world… Things are looking pretty grim up in Nepal, which sort of triggered one of tatay’s morose diatribes during dinner.  Nothing I could do myself here but pray though, for the injured, and for those who lost their lives during the quake and the aftershocks that followed.


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