Rounding Off The Long Weekend

Last day of my long weekend, and it's more or less a continuation of what I've been doing yesterday... except a whole lot more fail, as far as my World of Tanks career is concerned.  I pretty much erased whatever gains I made over the past three days, and then some.  Yeah, I suck at … Continue reading Rounding Off The Long Weekend

And Now For The REAL Weekend

I can't really say that the weekend was well-spent, but I will admit that this was one of the first times that I've felt fully relaxed for a while.  I think the fact that I was able to sleep in helped, but the fact that my sister was using my room for the duration of her … Continue reading And Now For The REAL Weekend

Recharging My Goodwill

It's my first real (non-weekend) day off, so it's not really much of a surprise that I slept through most of it.  All that stress and frustration definitely piled up, and I slept something like ten hours straight as a result. Buh. That of course means that, when I finally woke up, it's close to how … Continue reading Recharging My Goodwill

Always A First For Everything

Technically tonight's shift is going to be my last for the week, as this Friday will be my scheduled PTO (or Personal Time Off).  It's the first time I've used up a PTO, and it'd be nice to use it to get some rest for a change.  And since I scheduled it for a Friday, … Continue reading Always A First For Everything

Sliding Into Midweek

As expected, we received a glut of calls yesterday, in the wake of Memorial Day.  We weren't able to even get comfortable to our new stations too, before they started coming in. That said, it took a bit before I got caught up in the flood myself.  Why?  Because due to the train arriving late … Continue reading Sliding Into Midweek

Forgetting About American Holidays

Whoops, it turned out that it was Memorial Day yesterday, which I had completely forgotten about.  This meant that I had to come home, but I used my time at the office to move my phone, as we were supposed to move stations anyway.  When that was done however, it was straight back to the house. … Continue reading Forgetting About American Holidays

Stepping Back Into The Usual Pace

It's Monday once again, which means that it's the usual schedule readjustment for me in preparation for work... Unfortunately this time around since I was relishing getting my desktop PC back in working order I went to bed a little later than I should.  So while I won't feel the effects yet now, it might have … Continue reading Stepping Back Into The Usual Pace