Changes Most Unwelcome

As feared by the majority of the team, we were placed on the Operator queue once again during last night’s shift.  This meant that it was goodbye again to the twenty-minute and more avail times, as the calls, while not coming at the tails of each other, still came in relatively quickly.  At most, we’d get something like twelve-minute avails now; at the bare minimum, it would mean some two minutes in between calls.  Blah.

And this is all we have to look forward to until Service training starts on the 26th of this month. Oi.

On other notes, boy was I annoyed, and very worried, when I was unable to get into Kancolle once I got home.  I got so frustrated, that I decided to just sleep on it, and hope that everything got fixed by the time I woke up… Which they did, but it also meant that all of the usual quests were not done, and I wasn’t able to do a sortie today to the final map.  Buh.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow morning to tackle the final map.


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