Starting The Week Just A Wee Bit Hopeful

Although it wasn’t my intent again, I woke up today a little earlier than usual.  On any other day this would have led to some grumbling on my part, but since it was a Monday instead, I just roused myself from bed, washed my face, and sat down in front of my PC, to busy myself until I could go back to bed again.  At this point, it’s all just part of the readjustment process I have to do in order to properly go to work later in the evening.

Of course, “keeping myself busy” in this case meant watching some anime and playing Kantai Collection.  And since the quests reset on Monday, and most of the sparkles my destroyers had expired due to overuse during the event proper, I was kept fairly busy for several hours.  I would have liked to continue my Roma farming, but at this point it would be best to just use the week to recoup my resources, and just go full-burst during the weekend again.

After that though, it was a bath then bed.  I kind of wish that I’d slept soundly through the afternoon, but due to the fact that I had to use the a/c, it wasn’t really as smooth as I’d wanted; in fact, I kept on waking up due to how cold it became at times, or because the 3 hour shutdown I had set on it.  Buh.

I’m obviously hoping that my shift tonight won’t be so stressful, but until there’s concrete news about what management is going to do about the Operator queue, I’m reigning in my optimism a bit.

Anime Watched: Hello! Kin-iro Mosaic.


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