Nothing Done But Ship Farming

The title to this entry is more or less an accurate description of what I’ve been doing for most of my waking hours today.  Which is to say, logging on to Kantai Collection and making good my promise to try and farm Roma while the event is still active.  As of this post, I can say that I haven’t had any luck just yet (64 sorties and counting).  This wasn’t straight of course — I went to sleep after I got home, and I also had to nap at around five-thirty as the tea I drank lost its effect — though I’ve continued since I woke up.  Yikes.

Can’t really say much about my work shift, other than that I was so glad when the shift finally ended.  I did put in the laundry for their pre-soak once I got home, but it was pretty much bed for me after that.  Oh, and it apparently rained a bit, but that was during the late afternoon, and I was asleep again, so I missed it.

My sister’s planning a little get-together at her place in celebration of Mother’s Day. Of course my father is asking me to go, though it’s obviously more to do with the fact that he hasn’t seen his grandson for the week.  Personally I’d just want to sleep off the weekend, as wasteful as it might sound; I’m that weary.

And one more thing — looks like I’ll have to go along with him to the wet market tomorrow morning to pick out what to use for my packed lunches for the week.  Buh.

Anime Watched: Re-Kan, Danmachi, Assassination Classroom.


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