Weekend Wondering

I woke up early, this time planned as I had to accompany my father to the market to buy stuff for the packed lunches I’d be taking with me to work this week.  Suffice to say that there was a whole lot of chicken and fish on the menu, due to my issues with pork and beef, ugh.

My father got ready and changed as soon as we got home from the market, since we promised my sister that we’d eat lunch at her place for Mother’s Day.  My father went first, and took with him the kilo of rice he usually brought with him whenever he went to my sister’s place, along with some of the mangoes we had bought during the morning (small, cheap, and somewhat cheap ones too at three kilos to a hundred pesos).  I followed a little later, only after I’d did a specific number of runs at farming for Roma at Kantai Collection again (about thirty runs).  

It was around eleven at that point anyway, so I quickly took a bath and got dressed, then headed over to the MRT, for the thirty-odd minute ride to Trinoma, then another fifteen minute jeepney ride to the Tandang Sora area.  When I got there though, it looked like everyone had finished eating already — indeed, my father and my nephew were both asleep on the inflatable bed that was set in front of the TV (and while Amazing Spider-Man 2 played, I might add).  I took some pictures, then took my place on the sofa as well to watch the movie myself, as I hadn’t seen it before.

My nephew woke up a little later, at which point the movie was done, and I’d changed the channel to Discovery, which was showing Wild China.  I had eaten some of the prepared food by that point, though I was also ready to head back home early too, since I had the afternoon traffic in mind.  I took my leave of my sister and her husband, as well as my father (who’d follow only much later), then headed back to Trinoma, then onto the MRT home.

It took a total of fifty-odd minutes to get home.  I changed to my house clothes, then sat down in front of my PC, at which I continued my continued quest to find Roma.  I suspect that’ll last as long as I have resources to throw at the map.

Anime Watched: Danmachi, Kekkai Sensen.


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