The Usual Weekly Sensibilities

I had to go through the usual Monday routine today, which meant that I woke up early, then spent a couple of hours awake just to get myself sleepy enough to head to bed before noontime.  All in the name of crash-adjusting my sleep schedule to be able to work in the evening, as usual.

That aside, my free time was intersped with some reading (shocking, I know) and the usual Kantai Collection stuff. My goal for the latter being of course to have enough resources to do more than 70 runs this weekend for Roma hunting. Hopefully RNG gives me a break for a change.

Speaking of work, it’s another dreaded Monday, what with being on the Operator queue and all.  Ugh.  I think I’ll have to buy myself some supplies at Mercury Drug (some bread or snacks), as it’s likely I won’t be standing up from my seat tonight barring trips to the toilet or during assigned breaks.

Anime: Kin-iro Mosaic.


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