Pass Me That Mug Of Tea, Kind Of Need It

Well now, the first workday of the week wasn’t as bad as I expected, but as it was a Monday it meant that we experienced yet another deluge of calls into our queues.  Really stressful, though I suspect that I only managed to not lose my cool because I deliberately paced my calls in a relaxed manner, and I suspect the rest of the team were doing something similar.

I was really glad to get home, though as usual I didn’t go straight to bed. In fact, it was around past eleven again or so before I finally went to sleep, and only due to the help of the a/c, because otherwise it would have been difficult due to the hot air blowing into my room.

As for other things, looks like I’m going to be able to scrape up enough resources to make another attempt at farming Roma by tomorrow, though it’s awfully tempting to whip out the magic credit card this once to buy myself more resources.  I’ll really have to see, but if I don’t get to twenty-thousand units before the end of the week, it looks like I’ll have to seeing as I blew through twenty-six during the weekend (and for naught I might add).  

Yes, farming event-only shipgirls is serious business, as much as using real-world money to buy pixel tanks.


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