Yet Another Concern Off My Mind

I had decided to expend what I managed to accumulate as far as resources go to make a try at getting Roma again today in Kantai Collection.  Spent most of the morning after I got home from work hitting the same node again and again, in fact, but as things approached noontime, I felt a twang of despair again, and thought that I would have to try on the weekend again with whatever I had left.

And then, close to the thirtieth run of the morning, it finally happened.

Stupid STUPID RNG giving me a break for a change.
Stupid STUPID RNG giving me a break for a change.

Kantai Spring 2015 Mostly Done

So that more or less rounds off the ships I’m interested in getting for the event, though it took exactly two-hundred and thirteen sorties to get her. Ugh.  While there’s still Takanami and Isokaze, I don’t really feel like cluttering the dorms with more token Destroyers, but I still have the weekend to think about it at the very least.

As for the shift last night, suffice to say that it was much better than what we got on Monday, but there was still a glut of calls. Personally I’m more concerned about the verification evaluation, as I wasn’t as on the ball as I should have been last night (and the previous shift I got tagged by a minor error too).  Which means I have to watch myself tonight too.  Buh.

On the bright side, last night’s shift was one of the few times we’d experienced avails of more than ten minutes again…

Aside from that, there was a bit of an event when I was going home. I passed by a whole lot of press vehicles from different local stations waiting outside of the hotel just off SM, obviously with the purpose of covering Manny Pacquiao’s return home and press conference.  I didn’t mind as much though, and unlike so many on that day, I actually paid no mind to the fight itself.

Now, at the station, I wasn’t able to ride the MRT immediately, oh no.  There was a bit of a delay, as the southbound train apparently broke down in between Ortigas Station and Shaw Boulevard.  So I actually sat down, leaned against one of the support pillars at the platform, and somehow managed to doze off as I waited for the train to arrive.  When I came to, some twenty-odd minutes had passed, and the station announcer was relaying the train’s progress station by station (as it had already been fixed), which by it was barely a station away.

So I got up, and waited for it to arrive, and a few minutes later, it arrived.  It was filled to the gills with people of course, all packed together like one of those old-style sardines.  It took a bit for all the people disembarking at Ayala to get down, but even when I got in, the car was still somewhat packed.

Oh, and apparently one of the security guards riding the car had dropped his lunch and left it behind during the mad rush to get out… as a result there was this awkward space where there was a mess of rice and spilled food on the floor, and no one was bothering to even pick it up and clean it.  And it stayed that way until Ayala station.  Really awkward..

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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