Empty Pockets. Again.

Our team lead scheduled a mysterious meeting on our schedule last night, pretty much pulling the whole team off the phones for a full thirty minutes.  While some of us were worried due to the verification errors that were sent early in the shift, it turned out it was for some pizza and cola.  A whole lot of it, actually, ten boxes and six liters in fact, with the Shakeys’ pizzas in various flavors (including all-cheese).  We stuffed our faces as much as we could, with the caveat that if we were asked about what we did during that thirty minutes, we’d say that we spent it on a meeting.

That aside, it was a pretty standard shift, which means that I was more than ready to head straight home at the end of it.

Once I did get home, I didn’t go to bed first, as I had decided to pay off the looming insurance premium I was supposed to pay at the start of next month.  But since the local BDO wouldn’t open for a few hours, I busied myself with Kantai Collection for a bit.  No sorties of course, as with the acquisition of Roma, this meant that I was in full resource recovery mode.  So no big sorties, just a whole lot of expeditions and daily quests.

When it was finally time to head to the bank, I put on my jeans, then huffed it first to my savings bank (to withdraw the money I needed), then to the BDO branch.  The payment didn’t take too long, but oh, did it hurt me, as the withdrawal of the money I used for payment dumped my savings to below the twenty-thousand mark for the first time in a while.  Buh.

Well, at least it’s one worry off my mind for the next three months.  Plus it’s payday, I suppose, though I’m not really sure if my pay will make up for it… Especially since my sister is asking for pizza over the weekend.


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