Not In The Black This Time

I think this is the first time in a while where my salary wasn’t able to make up for the expenses that came before it.  Okay, sure, it was preceded by a payment on my insurance premium, but if you throw in the scheduled deduction to my savings for fund investment, I’m around three thousand five hundred-odd pesos poorer than usual.  Ouch.  Need to keep on reminding myself that it’s all an investment for the future, but it hurts financially now. 

What does this mean?  Well it means that I’ll have to channel my inner skinflint and avoid too much spending for the next fifteen days.  Ugh.  That means no cheese this time.  Next time, Monterey Jack, next time…

That aside, my shift at work was rather unexciting, though there were more reminders of our looming Service training.  Too bad there’s no increase in pay grade for that one.

Really looking forward to the weekend, if only for the fact that, aside from the welcome chance to sleep in, it’ll also give me a chance to dust off my room again (as I wasn’t able to do that last week).


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