Sleeping Like Felled Trees

I wish that I could say that I ended my work week well, but sad to say, I suffered a rather bad error an hour before the end of the shift, that cascaded into a problem for another LOB as well (which is to be expected if you don’t do your job as an Operator).  It’s annoying, but at least I know it’s an error, instead of it hanging over my head over the weekend.  After listening in on the call recording, it was irrevocably my miss, as I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have, and my brain sort of filled in the (wrong) details. Ugh.

And after that?  Once home I pretty much slept like a log. The moment I plunked on to the bed, I was dead to the world until past eight in the evening.  So now I’m still pondering at what I should do now that I’m wide awake. Though a bath would be a good start…

Tomorrow’s my father’s birthday, which means that I’m on pancit malabon and cola duty again. Ahaha.

Anime Watched: Danmachi.


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