Those Unexpected Annoyances

And the day started so well too. I did my part in contributing to my father’s birthday celebration today, by buying the drinks as well as the bilao of pancit Malabon. This was on top of an already substantial spread prepared for the lunchtime celebration — spaghetti, pork barbecue skewers, fried shrimp, weeners, plus the birthday cake.

Suffice to say, the lot of us (meaning my father and me, my sister and her husband, and the baby’s nanny) ended up quite stuffed.

Anyway, once my sister and her family packed up and returned to Quezon City (but not before taking with them a substantial amount of the prepared food), my father and I were once again left on our lonesome. I went upstairs to check on the desktop, and was understandably upset when it shut down, and never started up again.

After a significant amount of huffing and puffing, I dragged the desktop tower to the closest PC repair shop I could think of. The prognosis? It had overheated, exacerbated by the fact that it was well due for a cleaning. If only things were so convenient (as I soon discovered once I got it back home), but I let them clean it anyway.

The desktop worked again once I got it home, but only just. It seemed as if the video card was working in cross purposes with the sound card now, which only resorted to screeching static if I left something playing for long.

Then it would stall and hang. You cannot imagine my annoyance when it kept on doing that constantly. So yeah, I’m definitely dropping by the technician again tomorrow.


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