Getting Used To The Temporary Amenities

I had to bring in the CPU of our desktop to one of the nearby repair shops to have it looked at, so I wasn’t able to write an entry here yesterday.  I was a mite annoyed while I was at it, as the two “technicians” there seemed anything but, as they took apart the peripherals of the CPU (motherboard, video card, etc)… and failed to put things back together in a proper way, enough that they couldn’t even figure how to power it back on.  That’s what I guess when you advertise expertise in desktops, when most of your experiences were with laptops and smartphones…

Given how tired I was, I wasn’t able to use the laptop (which I utterly forgot about, I admit) or my tablet to make a post either.  Buh.

As for last night as work, it was intense as usual, as far as Mondays go, with the added caveat now that I was tired and grumpy due to what happened to my PC, which meant that I really had to watch myself.  Its highlight though, was how our team lead was able to pull us off the phones for thirty minutes… for yet another batch of eating in celebration of his birthday at last week?  This time around it was something planned by the team, though as with things like this, I was left out of the planning.  Add to the fact that I was tired, and you wonder why I just dozed off in the corner rather than share in the iced cream?

Feeling a bit of renewed swelling on the joint of my left toe, which means that, yeah, it’s definitely excessive pork that’s causing the reaction. Ugh.

Anime Watched: Kiniro Mosaic.


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