Less Of A Spectacle, But Still Annoying

I went to work coughing a significantly less than the evening before, though in exchange I experienced quite a bit of pain instead whenever I even tried to swallow.  It felt that part of my throat was a raw and exposed wound, and since it was around the area of one of my tonsils, it might very well be the case.  At the very least, it was possibly inflamed, which probably means some medicinal gargles in my immediate future.

Throat discomfort aside, I was able to survive the shift itself, though the lack of error reporting last night was kind of worrying.  We’ll likely see its return tonight, which will probably lead to much facepalming on my part, as on the last general totals I held the lead in critical mistakes as far as verification goes.  

Stressful or not, I was glad to get home.  Eventually turning on the a/c to sleep didn’t help me much though, since as soon as I did my sinuses clogged shut.  Made for an uncomfortable experience, and I think I was only able to get to sleep after much tossing and turning, and even then only well after my father arrived with my sister’s kid in tow for his usual weekend visit.

Oh, and it’s cutoff again, so I better double-check if I’d submitted my attendance records already, if I want to get paid at the end of the month, that is.


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