In A Pinch, Again

It looks like the situation was far worse than I thought.  It turned out that I had the highest number of verifiation errors for the whole team ever, and it’s enough that our supervisor is seriously considering handing out a written warning for it.  Ugh.  This more or less meant that I had to really pay attention to my calls last night, to the point that I had to slow down my pace even more than I already had, just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. It begs to be seen if it’ll work out though…

In any case, that’s just one of my worries. I’m congested, to the point that my sinuses more or less clog up the moment the a/c is turned on in my room (and it took the whole afternoon for me to be able to go to sleep again as a result), and what’s more, it feels like I have an open sore at the back of my throat which makes swallowing really painful, even if its just water.

And then I find out that the stupid fools I left my PC desktop tower with… could no longer get it to boot up.  I can see that my weekend is getting better and better.

Ugh, I just have to survive tonight, see about a doctor tomorrow, then pick up the desktop CPU so I could recover the important stuff in my C drive so I could do a fresh format.


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