Utilizing More Credible Alternatives

I picked up the CPU unit of my desktop from the repair shop I had left it in for the past three days, and lugged it back home.  Before I did so, the three idiots who tried to “fix” it still had some parting words to say, that if I was oh-so knowledgeable, why didn’t I fix it myself?

Well duh, while I had some know-how as far as software went, I had no experience with the actual hardware.

In any case, once I brought the thing home, I found that the CPU didn’t  start up anymore.  Figures.  I used my laptop to make a quick search of possible repair services in the area that were available for house calls, and lucky for me one answered.  However, they could only pass by during the evening.  Drat.

So I waited (or rather, took naps in between), until the time came.  I met the tech at the front gate of our apartment, and led him to our house.  He went through the mess that was wrought by the erstwhile techs that preceded him, and after some re-arranging of the wiring, got the system to start up again. Imagine that.

That said, one of the removable memory thingies was toast, which explained some of the boot-up issues.  Darn.  It was good timing that I bought a new one last Saturday then, but now I need to get another 2GBs worth again.  Blargh.  Okay, payday is on Friday, but still!  That’s an added purchase that I didn’t really plan for.

Things are looking good so far though. as we’ve actually been able to get into Windows and to its desktop with no issues (and it even gave me an opportunity to copy the important files to another location in case I have to format the C: drive again).  We’re now trying to narrow down what’s causing the hanging whenever I try to play an audio or video file, but things are sure as heck looking better than how they were a week ago.

Anime Watched: Danmachi.


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