Lots Of Pain Just To Get Things Fixed

And so, here I am, with my desktop finally up and running, but oh, did I spend a lot just to make sure it did so.  I’m not really sure what happened, but it was mainly a hardware issue that exploded out of control.  Suffice to say my savings weren’t pleased in the least.  I’m definitely looking forward to this payday.

That said, I was able to buy some halo-halo for the family before my sister, my nephew, and his minder, went back to Quezon City in the morning.  And yes, I included myself and my tatay as well, and while it was an expensive treat (I paid close to four hundred pesos, all told), but it was worth it.

Too bad I had to bring the PC back to the shop for some final tune-ups though, which meant going out in the scorching hot sun.  Ugh.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for the technician to show up (to the point where I actually fell asleep waiting), at which he confirmed that, yes, everything was alright now.  Which meant that I had to then find a way to lug the heavy CPU tower home so I could do some final reinstalling of my own (since the C: drive had to be reformatted).

This all results in me feeling really beat, and looking forward to a nice, long, sleep tonight.


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