Forgetting About American Holidays

Whoops, it turned out that it was Memorial Day yesterday, which I had completely forgotten about.  This meant that I had to come home, but I used my time at the office to move my phone, as we were supposed to move stations anyway.  When that was done however, it was straight back to the house.  However since my sleep schedule was already set back to nocturnal, it would be several hours before I’d go back to sleep again.  

So what did I do to fill the time?

Why, I played video games.  Specifically, World of Tanks and Kantai Collection, though for the latter I was just sending off expeditions rather than actual sorties.  It worked out quite well, and by the time the sun rose at around five I was more than ready to hit the hay.

So I did.  I only woke up sometime after one in the afternoon, at which I took the opportunity to turn on the a/c, after which I went to bed again.

Quite simple, yes?

At any rate, not only will we have a move of stations, but as the day after a holiday, there’s expected to be a lot of calls coming in. It’s going to be… bloody, if there’s any way to describe it

Anime Watched: Prisma Illya 2wei Specials.


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