Sliding Into Midweek

As expected, we received a glut of calls yesterday, in the wake of Memorial Day.  We weren’t able to even get comfortable to our new stations too, before they started coming in.

That said, it took a bit before I got caught up in the flood myself.  Why?  Because due to the train arriving late at the MRT, I was only able to get to the office barely a minute before nine.  This meant that, due to the having to put my things in the locker, then booting up my system with all the required programs, I was only able to take in calls some fifteen minutes later. Oi.

That’s the first time I’ve been late logging into the system since I’ve joined the company, by the way.

I think I managed to get through the shift without making too many mistakes, though there were definitely some calls that I wished I handled better.  Ugh.  Hopefully those particular calls don’t get pulled up for evaluation.  Not really sure about caller verification either, though I did make sure to go slowly and carefully in that regard.  Will just have to wait for the daily caller verification list I suppose.

Since it was such a trying shift, I was just happy to get home.  And while I didn’t go to sleep right away, when I eventually did, I was out like a light; I only woke up when it got hot enough, and even then I just spent enough time to turn on the a/c, then went to bed again.

Kind of hoping that tonight’s shift would be much slower, but in my experience it’s just asking for trouble.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium (and oh, how gay it was, but in a good way; subtext there was not).


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