Always A First For Everything

Technically tonight’s shift is going to be my last for the week, as this Friday will be my scheduled PTO (or Personal Time Off).  It’s the first time I’ve used up a PTO, and it’d be nice to use it to get some rest for a change.  And since I scheduled it for a Friday, it’d be a long weekend for me as well, which is good when you consider that we’ll be starting out Service Training come June.

All this means for me of course is that I still have to keep on my toes.  For some reason we didn’t get the usual Verification evaluation, so we don’t know if we failed verification last night.  Ugh.  Speaking of which, one of the team went on unscheduled absence last night, which put our Absenteeism rate a little bit over the expected value.  You bet our team lead was really cross about that!

I do hope this doesn’t affect the PTO allocation for June though, as I need to get one so that our family would be able to attend my cousin’s wedding.


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